Martna – St Martin’s Church


   The church in Martna was built quite late, because at the beginning of the sixteenth century, at the initiative of the bishop of Ösel–Wiek. This is commemorated by the coat of arms on the western wall. It is not known whether it was the extension of the older temple or the erection of a new building. In the nineteenth century the church was rebuilt: windows were enlarged and the tower was added.


   The church is an aisleless building with a wide nave on a rectangular plan, with no chancel separated in the exterior. From the west side a modest tower from the 19th century grows from the church corpus, and from the north there is a small sacristy. The original windows were slightly narrower than the ones currently visible and pointed. The image of the medieval appearance of the church gives an unusually small eastern window and a round western window. Originally, the building had vaults, currently only a wooden ceiling. The oldest preserved object in the church is the baptismal font from 1300.

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