Järva Madise – St Matthew’s Church


   The original St. Matthew’s church in Järva Madise was erected at the beginning of the 14th century. The Hoyer von Goldenberg was then the teutonic vogt of the settlement, and he can be considered as a founder of the temple and parish. One of the subsequent teutonic vogts of Järva Madise was also the overseer of the construction of a stone church at the beginning of the 15th century. This is evidenced by the shield with the cross, surrounded by lilies in the chancel. The rebuildings, mainly concerning the interior of the church, were carried out in the 17th century. In the nineteenth century, a narrow, high tower on the western side was added.


   The church is a small, aisleless building with a short chancel on the east side, ending with a straight wall and sacristy from the north. Both north and south walls of the nave are separated by two narrow, lancet windows. Single windows are located in the north, south and east wall of the chancel. The west tower and the south porch are a later addition. On the walls of the church you can see a few medieval house marks.

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