News at – May 2019

During the May period on 97 new monuments from the Behemia and Moravia (so far only in Polish) were added, as well as a new post about burgher houses in Kraków. Among the older, already placed monuments I have improved, completed and enriched with new graphics places such as: city walls in Kraków, Ogrodzieniec, city hall in Kraków, Chobienia, castle in Góra, castle in Lubin, castle in Sulechów, town walls in Wschowa, castle in Chęciny, Bobolice, castle and church in Bolków, Bolczów, castle in Dębno, castle in Dybów, castle in Kórnik, Collegium Maius in Kraków, Odrzykoń castle, castle in Oporów, Świny, Empty and New Castle in Zvolen, castles in Mirów, Tenczyn, Cesky Krumlov and Brno.