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Recently, I have edited most Slovak castles, developed and improved descriptions, and especially added a lot of new plans and reconstructions. I have also added new places: the castles Blh, Bodoň, Braničev, Brzotín, Čierna Lehota, Dračí Hrádok, Drienok, Marcelov Hrad in Hrabušice, Jelšava, Kuchyňa, Kysak, Obišovce, Rákoš, Šebeš, Šintava, Skároš, Širkovce (Kapla), Sokoľ, Sučany and the cathedral and town walls in Trnava. Descriptions would certainly be more comprehensive if not my ignorance of the Czech and Slovak language and the need to use translators.
The castles of  southern Małopolska region have been similarly re-written (for example Rytro, Szaflary, Nowy Sącz, Nidzica, Czorsztyn, Tropsztyn, Muszyna, Czchów, and Roźnów). Of new monuments in Poland, I added a castle in Nowy Korczyn, Trzewlin and Chrostowa. People using mobile devices should be interested in the information that I have improved the indexes, so that the names of places should no longer be
breaking on phones.

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