Progress in work on the site

Since the completion of works on Welsh monuments, I have supplemented, improved and enriched of about a hundred new plans and reconstructions, as well as a lot of new photos, many places from Poland (including Siedlęcin, Wąbrzeźno, Grudziądz, Golub, Milicz, Jelcz, Gniewoszów, Rogóźno, Bierzgłowo, Chojna, Owiesno, Bolczów, Sławków, Olkusz, Jawor, Racławice, Grodziec, Ciechanów), I also added some new monuments (Ujazd, Panków, Gościszów, Osiek Jasielski, and Stolec). There is also ready a map of monuments from the Czech area. For details and new informations, also check the profile on facebook.

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