Rhossili – St Mary’s Church


   The church in Rhossili was built in the 14th century and replaced an earlier sacral building from the 12th century, which was covered with sand of the coastal dunes, during a great storm. The new church was built on high cliffs, not to repeat the fate of the elder. It was donated by William de Turberville to the Order of the Knights Hospitaller, and after the cassation of the order in England by Henry VIII, the patron of the temple went to the Crown. The church was heavily rebuilt in the 19th century during a Victorian renovation.


   The church consists of a rectangular, very elongated nave and a narrower and shorter, rectangular chancel on the eastern side. A four-sided tower was placed on the west side. It is certainly a later addition as it covers the west window. On the south side, the entrance to the nave is closed by an early modern porch, inside which there is a magnificent Romanesque portal, probably from an older church, where it served as a chancel arcade. The original trefoil windows are located in the northern and southern walls of the chancel.

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