Llandeilo Tal y Bont – St Teilo’s Church


The church of St. Teilo was built in the twelfth or thirteenth century, originally in the bend of the river near Pontardawe in Glamorgan. It performed sacral functions regularly until 1850, and then was used only in the summer months. In 1970 it was abandoned, and after fourteen years it was dismantled and transferred to St Fagans. Its appearance from the 16th century was carefully reconstructed, including the 15th-century paintings discovered just before the transfer.


The oldest element of the church is nave and chancel. In the fourteenth century chapels were added on the north and south side of the presbytery, and at the turn of the 14th and 15th centuries the church was enlarged from the south by establishing a new nave. The original southern wall was then replaced with two arcades, with the third arcade open towards the chancel. A porch was also added at the entrance portal to the southern nave. In the fifteenth century, the interior of the church was decorated with wall frescoes, now carefully restored. The oldest surviving piece of church furnishing is a stone baptismal font, probably from the 13th century. The timber ceiling is a typical example of the 15th-century truss with horizontal collar beams.

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