Deganwy – Bryniau Tower


   The date of building of the Bryniau Tower is unknown. It is believed that it comes from the Middle Ages and was part of the warning system of the nearby Deganwy Castle, although it can not be ruled out that it was established only in the seventeenth century to warn against pirate raids. Similar towers were erected at Abergele and Whitford.


   The tower originally had a cylindrical shape, diameter of 4.7 meters, and the thickness of its walls reached 1.2 meters. Today’s altitude reaches about 5 meters. Currently, there is no north-east side, but preserved fragments of the wall indicate that there was an entrance opening in the ground floor. Inside, above there are two openings on the ceiling beams and possibly window remains.

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Website, Bryniau Tower.
Website, Bryniau Tower.