Angle – tower house


The tower house in Angle was built in the fourteenth century, perhaps by the Sherborne family, although this information is not confirmed. Later, the tower was used as a dwelling for the rector of the village.


The tower was erected on a plan similar to a square with walls reaching 4.5 meters in length and a height of over 9 meters. It had three floors with a single room in each (with internal dimensions 3.6 x 3.6), equipped with a fireplace on each floor and a pantry located in the ground floor. The latrine was on the first floor, on the eastern wall. The communication was provided by a spiral staircase placed in the corner of the tower. The latrine was placed on the eastern wall of the first floor. Originally, the tower was surrounded by a moat, and the entrance led through a small drawbridge to the level of the first floor. The defense was also provided by the battlement and machicolations crowning the top of the building.

Current state

The defensive tower house in Angle is a rare and therefore valuable type of building in Wales, although it was very widespread in Scotland and Ireland. It is now a private property, leased by the Pembrokeshire National Park Authority, which recently supervised its renovation. The tower is open to visitors, but you must ask for the key at a nearby castle’s farm.


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