Wojsławice – castle


   The castle was built around the middle of the 16th century on the initiative of representatives of the Wężyk family, perhaps Piotr, a ensign of Sieradz and his wife Magdalena or their son, also Piotr.


   The small foundations on the island consisted of the circumferential walls of about 1.7 meters thick on a plan similar to the square with dimensions of 20.5x23x21,7×23. The southern part was filled with a three-storey residential house measuring 8.9×23 meters. The northern part occupied a courtyard of dimensions 10×20 meters. In the east wall is located entrance gate and the tower on the semicircle plan in the corner, which flanked the gate. The perimeter walls were probably crowned with porch and battlements.

Current state

   To this day relics of two southern chambers and towers are still preserved. Castle island is currently in private hands but it is possible to enter it.

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