Wielka Wieś – Castle Trzewlin


   The castle at Maiden’s Moutain in Wielka Wieś was erected in the 14th century, although medieval sources do not mention it. Its founder was probably Andrzej of Półkozic coat of arms, who in the years 1362-1377 held the dignity of the Czechów castellan. In 1386, the owner of the castle was a castellan’s stepson, Mściwoj from Trzewlin of the Rawa coat of arms, and then the descendants of Andrzej, Półkozic family, also called Trzewlińscy. The stronghold ceased to perform residential functions probably in the 17th century. It fell into disrepair and after the Swedish Wars it was pulled down by the townspeople from nearby Wojnicz.


   The castle was erected at the edge of a mountain ridge, cut off by a dry moat, 15 meters wide and 8 meters deep. The resulting flat, horseshoe area was about 40×50 meters. In front of the moat there was a lower ward surrounded by an earth ramparts and a ditch, and then extensive, also fortified, second outer ward. The main castle was surrounded by a wall of limestones and sandstones, running along the edges of the hilltop.

Current state

   The castle has not survived to modern times. At present, only the traces of the dry moat and small relics of the walls have survived on the densely overgrown hill.

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