Steblewo – parish church


   The construction of the church in Steblewo was started by the Teutonic Knights in the 14th century. The first stage of construction included the chancel with the sacristy, in the second one an  aisleless nave was erected, and in the third one a tower with a timber upper part was built. During the Reformation, the church passed into the hands of the Protestants. It was destroyed by the Swedes in 1628, but was rebuilt with the help of the city of Gdańsk, which held the church patronage. In 1945 it was burned down, fell into ruin and was not rebuilt.


   The Gothic church was a brick structure, built on a rectangular, orientated plan. It consisted of a chancel with a sacristy, an aisleless nave and a massive tower with a two-story brick base and a wooden upper part. The entrance portal at the base of the tower was decorated with moulded shafts, and above it the facade was decorated with two rows of pointed blendes. In the façades of the whole building, the putlog holes were preserved from the outside, and the church was reinforced with buttresses.

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Website, Steblewo (Stüblau).