Stary Kraków – church of Our Lady


   The church was built in the second half of the 15th century on the site of an earlier 13th century church built by the Knights Hospitaller. During the Reformation, it was taken over by Protestants and renovated by them after a fire in 1790. In 1958 it was destroyed by another fire. The last time was rebuilt in 1962-1963, when the sacristy was erected at the same time.


   The Gothic building consists of an aisleless corpus, a polygonal presbytery and a west-facing, square tower. A modern sacristy is located at the southern wall of the church. The building is reinforced with buttresses, between which there are pointed arch windows. The crowning of the church is a gable roof.

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Website, Kościół pw. Matki Boskiej Częstochowskiej Stary Kraków.