Słupsk – Ducal Castle


The castle was erected in 1392 but was not completed. It was destroyed in 1476. Another castle was built in 1507 on the initiative of prince Boguslav X in the south-eastern part of the city. In the years 1580-1587, during the reign of Szczecin prince Jan Fryderyk its walls were increased and rebuilt in the renaissance style. Throughout the 16th and 17th centuries was the residence of Pomeranian princes of the Gryfit dynasty. In the second half of the 18th century, the Prussian authorities rebuilt it to military barracks, and after the fire in 1821, grain shops were built there. After World War II, the building was completely renovated.


The main 16th-century building was 16,5×35 meters. It was adjacent to the courtyard, separated from the city wall. The castle had an octagonal tower, which was given to the shorter northern side. On the courtyard was chapel and commercial buildings such as a water mill. It was built in the 14th century even before the erection of the castle. Initially it served as a granary, as evidenced by its large size and small and narrow windows.

Current state

Currently, the Museum of Central Pomerania is housed in a converted castle. Opening hours and price list can be found on the official website here. Next to the castle the mill is located, which is one of the oldest industrial buildings in Poland. It now houses the Ethnographic Department of the Museum of Central Pomerania.

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