Sadłowo – castle


   The castle was built in the 70s of the 14th century on the initiative of the family Świnkowie, perhaps castellan Peter Świnka. In the 15th century it was expanded, but already in the seventeenth century it lost its residential functions. Since the nineteenth century it was successively stripped.


   It was a brick castle on the foundations of glacial erratic stones, located in the lowland and surrounded by marshes. It consisted of two quadrangles overlapping with corners, formed by defensive peripheral walls. In the first circuit was the main, two-storey castle house measuring 14×26 meters. The building was connected to the second quadrangle and the southern gatehouse. At the gate a wooden bridge was placed on the piles hammered into the swamp. In the second quadrangle, the framed timber buildings stood at the walls. The whole site occupied about 1600 m2, so it was wide as for a typical knight castle.

Current state

   The castle does not exist, only a small, overgrown mound has remained. Admission to its area is free.

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