Prudnik – city defensive walls


   Prudnik’s fortifications were probably built in the 14th century. The prince Boleslaw I of Niemodlin, the first Piast owner of the town and a good host, can be accepted as its founder, although the first information about the Upper Gate dates back to 1481. Most of the walls were demolished in the 19th century.


   The area of the medieval town with the castle was less than 13 hectares and the length of the city walls was about 1100 meters. In the early period, the town was surrounded by a stone wall with two city gates. The circuit was reinforced with 3 cornerer towers built simultaneously with the walls. At the Lower Gate and Upper Gate, also known as Nyska, there were flanking towers. In the 15th century the fortifications were expanded. At that time, the towers and gates were raised. Another reconstruction took place in the second half of the 16th century, when the tower of the Lower Gate was built, and probably buildings accompanying one of the corner towers were built, thus forming the city arsenal. The brick wall was preceded by a watered moat. Perhaps the second line of the brick circuit was also created. North-western corner of the city occupied the castle.

Current state

   At present, only the tower of the Lower Gate and a fragment of the wall with an arsenal and two towers: Executioner and Little on the corner of Boleslaw Chrobry and Boleslaw Krzywousty streets are preserved. This fragment was recently revitalized. Both towers received new roofs, and the missing bricks were also replenished. In addition, the Executioner Tower was elevated and equipped with a battlement. The aim of the project was to recreate and restore the medieval character of the two towers. In the arsenal building is the seat of the Prudnik Museum. In the archaeological and historical section, it collects memorabilia concerning the history of the city and the southern part of the Opole region, and in the ethnographic section document the folk culture of these lands. You can see militaria, old documents or souvenirs related to Silesian uprisings.

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