Nowa Kościelnica – arcade house


The arcaded house in Nowa Kościelnica is located in the southern part of the village and was built in the 18th century. It belonged to the Wiebe family. Despite the late date of construction, it was placed on this site, due to small transformations of the timber-framed construction technique since the Middle Ages.


It is a two-storey construction, standing on a brick underpinning, with a half-timbered frame filled with brick. The ground floor of the building is made of wood, and the floor in a half-timbered construction. The tops of the main part of the building are boarded vertically. The arcade is placed from the western top and supported by 9 wooden columns and two short, half-timbered side walls. On the lintel, there is an inscription of the builder with his initials and a house mark.

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