Miłomłyn – St Bartholomew’s Church


   The church with the bell tower was erected before 1334, when it was consecrated. It clung to the town walls and therefore also served defense functions. The church was renovated in 1587, 1683 and 1720, but it was decided to dismantle it around 1898. Only a part of the walls of the northern nave and tower remained of it. A new neo-Gothic church was built next to it.


   The church was erected as a rectangular aisleless building with a massive tower on the west, shifted to the south of the nave’s axis and not connected to it in the lower part. The tower was given a square shape, and its facades were pierced with loop holes and pointed windows of various sizes.

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Website leksykonkultury.ceik.eu, Kościół pw. św. Bartłomieja w Miłomłynie.