Lalkowy – St Barbara’s Church


   The church of St. Barbara was built in the second half of XIV century, the first information about the functioning of the parish comes from 1398. In 1862, the interior, roofs and the crown of the tower walls were destroyed by a fire. The church was rebuilt in 1863-1866. The tower stepped gables, ceilings, south porch and most of the equipment come from this period. In 1868, the church was repeatedly consecrated.


   It is a Gothic, aisleless church with a narrower, straight ended chancel. To the west is a lofty, square in the plan tower. The nave is slightly higher than the chancel, both have gables from the east and are covered with gable roofs. The windows are mostly narrow and pointed. There are four narrow blendes on the southern facade of the nave. On the east elevations of the nave and the chancel, the gables are dismembered by rectangular lesenes passing into the pinnacles. The chancel wall is additionally reinforced with two buttresses.

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