Kokoszkowy – St Barbara’s Church


   The church of St. Barbara was built in the first half of the 14th century. Probably it happened in the Teutonic Order era, that is after 1308, although the tradition connects the church with the earlier owners of Starogard and the surrounding area, the Knights Hospitallers. In the years 1587-1596, temporarily Lutherans ruled it, and from 1653 to 1827 the parish was managed by the Tczew’s Dominicans. In the 17th century, from the west side, a wooden tower was added to the church.


   The church is an orientated building consisting of a rectangular, single nave and a separate, also rectangular, but narrower chancel. On the north side there is a sacristy and porch. All elevations have massive buttresses. In the east elevation, the five-axle gable was decorated with ogival blendes and wimpergas with a circular clearances.

Current state

   The original shape of the church was transformed as a result of the addition of a wooden tower, and what is worse, the enlargement and change of the shape of window openings in early modern times. In the interior stone stoup from the fourteenth century and frescoes “zacheuszki” have been preserved, that are dedication signs, placed on the walls of the temple in the place of their anointing, made by the bishop.

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