Dobiesław – church of Our Lady


   Gothic church of Our Lady of Częstochowa in Dobiesław was built at the end of the 15th century. Its early modern renovations and reconstructions were carried out in the 17th and 19th centuries. The period of the Second World War survived without major damages, only the bells were confiscated.


   The church was built of bricks on a stone foundation, on the top of a small hill overlooking the village. It obtained the form of a Gothic aisleless building on a rectangular plan with a massive four-sided tower on the west side. The walls of the nave were reinforced with stepped buttresses, between which pointed windows were pierced.

Current state

   Inside the building that has survived to this day, you can see a post-Cistercian granite stoup from the 15th century and fragments of a stall from the 15th century in the form of a relief of St. George fighting a dragon, a kneeling woman in a crown and a coat of arms with a lion’s head. On the west façade of the tower there is a ceramic mask depicting the personification of the sun in the form of a round face with a convex forehead and cheeks, a short neck, protruding ears and hair resembling rays.

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