Dąbrówka – church of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross


   The church in Dąbrówka was built at the end of the fourteenth or early fifteenth century, probably by the Teutonic Knights. In the sixteenth century, it was a chapel of ease of the parish in Jabłowo, and then in Bobowo. In the years 1566-1596, it was owned by Lutherans. In 1917, a separate parish was established in Dąbrówka.


   The church was built of bricks in the Gothic style. It consists of a nave, ended from the east with not externally separated presbytery, the tower from the west and the sacristy from the north. On the south side, a porch was added to the entrance. The tower is reinforced with two-stepped buttresses. The eastern side of the church is crowned with a Gothic gable filled with white, vertical blendes. Inside, the most valuable monument is a Gothic sculpture from the first half of the fifteenth century.

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