News at – November 2020

   There are 27 new monuments from Scotland and 5 new monuments from Poland (only in Polish for now): churches in Niwiska, Kowalewo, Jelenin, Jastrowiec and Kanigowo. Major changes affected: Racławice Olkuskie, the monastery in Oświęcim (a combined earlier post about the chapel of St. Jacek and the post-Dominican church), Collegium Maius, churches of St. Martin, St. Margaret and St. John in Poznań, church in Piotrków Trybunalski, church and monastery in Przeworsk, Romanesque church in Kościelec Kujawski, tenement houses and commercial buildings in the Poznań market. Many changes also in Welsh monuments, the largest in: Manorbier, Abergavenny, Carew, Barry, Llandaf (bishop’s castle), Flint, Monmouth (castle), Neport, Penhowe.