News on – August 2019

In August, after adding 28 monuments, I finished work on Czech monuments. In addition, most of the castles from Slovakia have been redrafted (corrections and additions in the text, new plans, graphics, etc.), posts regarding the Welsh Caerphilly, Kidwelly and Tintern Abbey, as well as the Polish castle in Kazimierz Dolny, Niedzica, Bezławki, Baranów Sandomierski, the church in Sulechów and city defensive walls in Kowalewo were supplemented and remake.

News on – July 2019

During the work in July 2019, I added 101 new monuments from the Czech Republic. As usual, I worked on older posts, many of which have been completely changed, corrected and developed. Specifically, they were Carreg Cennan, town hall in Środa Śląska, Oponice, Bukowo Morskie, Markušovce, Caerleon, Rybnik nad Turcom, the Minorite Church in Levoča, Rhuddlan, the church of St. John, church of St. Peter and Paul and the church of St. James in Szczecin, Szczecin City Hall, Filakovo, Branč, Blatnica, Dominican and parish churches in Słupsk, Dominican monastery and parish church in Myślibórz, Church of the Holy Trinity in Chojna, Church of Our Lady and parish church in Pyrzyce, Cathedral in Gorzów, St. Mary’s Church Strzelce Krajeńskie, parish churches in Choszczno and Gryfice, cathedral in Kołobrzeg, church in Drawsko, chapels in Koszalin and Darłowo, monastery in Bierzwnik, parish church in Białogard, collegiate church and church of St. John in Stargard, parish church in Darłowo, parish church in Słupsk , parish church in Koszalin, parish church in Sławno and Gryfino, church in Moryń, parish church in Ośno Lubuskie, church in Wolin, parish church in Świdwin, church in Trzebiatów, town hall in Kamień Pomorski, Caergawle Castle.

News at – June 2019

In June, 88 new monuments from the Czech Republic appeared at Among the older, already placed, I have improved, supplemented and enriched places such as: Uhrovec, Trenčín, Opole Castle at Ostrówek, Tematin, Reviste, town halls in Poznań, Gdańsk, Wrocław, Olsztyn and Tarnów, Muran Castle, Litoměřice, descriptions of the Hrusov, Cachtice, Beckov, Gymes, churches in Kopcany and Kostolany, the castle in Ciechanów, Uniejów, Krasiczyn, Jawor, Kazimierz Dolny, the cathedral in Kamień Pomorski and the Cistercian monastery in Chełmno. Smaller corrections were made to the monuments in Siewierz, Ojców, Nowy Wiśnicz, Radom (castle), Chełmno (city walls) and the monastery in Kołbacz. In addition, I published a new post about medieval and ancient war machines.

News at – May 2019

During the May period on 97 new monuments from the Behemia and Moravia (so far only in Polish) were added, as well as a new post about burgher houses in Kraków. Among the older, already placed monuments I have improved, completed and enriched with new graphics places such as: city walls in Kraków, Ogrodzieniec, city hall in Kraków, Chobienia, castle in Góra, castle in Lubin, castle in Sulechów, town walls in Wschowa, castle in Chęciny, Bobolice, castle and church in Bolków, Bolczów, castle in Dębno, castle in Dybów, castle in Kórnik, Collegium Maius in Kraków, Odrzykoń castle, castle in Oporów, Świny, Empty and New Castle in Zvolen, castles in Mirów, Tenczyn, Cesky Krumlov and Brno.

News at – April 2019

During the April work at medievalheritage I added 78 new monuments from the Czech Republic (for now, unfortunately, only in Polish). Among the older, already placed I have improved, completed and enriched with new graphics: manor in Lipice, castle and city walls in Kłodzko, monastery of St. Francis in Lwówek Śląski, city walls in Strzelce Krajeńskie, Dominican monastery in Kraków, castle in Świdwin, church in Grywałd, castle in Szczecin, castle in Darłowo, Chwarszczany, chapel in Rurka, castle in Stare Drawsko, castles in Łagów, Swobnica, Pęzino, Drawno, Dobra, Krępcewo, Złocieniec, Golczewo, Bardo and the Wrocław arsenal. New photos, plans and reconstructions (as well as old ones changed for new ones with better quality) appeared in the Moravian monuments: Namest na Hane, Orlik, Landstejn, Holoubek, Buchlov, Bouzov, Pomezi and in over 50 Czech monuments. In addition I added another post, this time about medieval wooden churches.

News at – March 2019

March 2019 brought on the site another 92 described monuments from the Czech Republic. Among the older, already placed I have improved, supplemented and enriched with new graphics places such as: Kwidzyn (cathedral), Pieskowa Skała castle, Kluczwoda castle, Kamieniec (church), Kruszwica (collegiate), Inowrocław (collegiate), Kościelec Kujawski, Inowłódz ( church), Łekno, Rokicie, Siewierz (church), Skalbmierz, Wysocice, Żarnów, Cieszyn (rotunda), Liw, Głogów (city walls and castle), Paczków (city walls), Łęczyca (castle), Kowalewo Pomorskie (castle), Płock (collegiate, defensive walls, castle and cathedral), Mieszkowice (city walls), Kołbacz, Ostrężnik, Wrocław (the castle on Ostrów Tumski, and St. Martin’s church), Opatów, Tum, Strzelno, Wiślica (collegiate), Lipienek, castle in Świecie nad Wisłą, Rabsztyn, Rudy, Spisska Kapitula, Olkusz (city walls), Biestrzyków, Chudów, Milicz, Witkowo, Dębno Podhalańskie, Łopuszna. Smaller corrections included a dozen or so monuments from the area of ​​Wales and Slovakia.

News at – February 2019

In February, I managed to enrich the portal with 78 more castles, churches and monasteries from the Czech Republic. Among the older, already placed monuments I have improved and enriched with new graphic castles in Koło, Ząbkowice Śląskie, Barciany, Lidzbark Warmiński, Oleśnica, Kurozwęki, Brzeg, Jawor, Lubawa, Podgrodzie, Majkowice, Bodzentyń, Chęciny, Iłża, Nowy Korczyn, Pińczów, Kruszwica, Strzelce Opolskie, Grodziec, Papowo Biskupie, churches in Dąbrówka, Pelpin, Tczew, town walls in Toruń, Głogów, Jawor and Wrocław. Smaller corrections and additions were made to the monuments in Tematín, Szydłów, Tudorów, Rytwiany, Tarnów, Sandomierz, Rembów, Mokrsko Górne, Borysławice, Bolesławiec Śląski, Kłodzko, Ząbkowice Śląskie (walls) and Gniew (church) and most castles from the area of Moravia.

News at – January 2019

During the January work on the site, 83 new monuments from the Czech Republic were added (so far only in Polish) and the bibliography was added at the end of each of the described monuments. Among the older, already placed monuments I have improved, completed and enriched with new graphic castles in Gołańcz, Radom, Niepołomice, Babice, Korzkiew, Inowłódz, Sieradz and Lublin. Smaller fixes and single new plans and graphics were added on over 15 different monuments from the areas of Wales, Slovakia, Poland (including Divici Kamen, Lębork, Olsztyn in Warmia, Kwidzyn, Frombork, Cachtice, Prabuty, or the castle in Gdańsk).


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