Sedliacka Dubová – St Cosmas and Damian’s Church


The first written mention of the church dates from 1397. At that time, it was a wooden temple with a nearby cemetery, one of five churches in Lower Orava, which served the inhabitants of the surrounding villages. Between 1625 and 1642, the church was rebuilt, then erected stone tower. In the years 1735-1754 the church was rebuilt, the wooden nave was replaced with a brick one. However, the importance of the church gradually decreased. In the nineteenth century, a new neo-gothic temple was built in the village, and the old, destroyed church was abandoned.

Current state

The church is in a state of a ruin, in the best condition there is a renaissance tower, the walls of the nave and the chancel have numerous cavities and are not roofed. Relics of charnel house are also visible nearby. Entrance to the ruin area is free.

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Website, Kostol svätých Kozmu a Damiána (Sedliacka Dubová).