Prešov – Caraffa’s Prison


The building was built in 1504-1510 at the back of the town hall. The town hall originally housed a wine bar, and the described building was probably used until the end of the 17th century as wine warehouse, where empty barrels and other equipment were stored. According to some written mentions, in the building, there were supposed to be stored municipal standards of measures and weights, and for a time the city armory was also located here. In the second half of the nineteenth century, there was a city prison here. It obtained its current name during “Prešov bloody cruelty” in 1687, when the imperial general Antonio Caraffa held in it, condemned to death and then lost on the market, 24 prešov townspeople and representatives of the surrounding Hungarian nobility, supporting the anti-Habsburg rising of Emeryk Thököly. In fact, there was no one in Caraffa prison, but some of the accused were tortured in the basement of the neighboring town hall.


The late-gothic building is a brick, two-story building, fastened with huge buttresses, built on a rectangular plan. The entrance to the building was possible through the western gate, placed between two buttresses.

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