Chobienia – St Peter and St Paul’s Church


   The church of St. Peter and Paul was mentioned for the first time directly in 1446, although in 1259 a local priest named Clemens appeared on the document as a witness. It was probably built in the first half of the 13th century, and at the latest before 1259. In the fourteenth century it was enlarged by a chancel. The church was rebuilt in the years 1584-1587 with the participation of Georg von Kottwitz younger. In 1616 and in 1722, the building burnt down. The tower was rebuilt in 1620, and the whole church again in 1724. In the years 1725-1727, new equipment was also made at the expense of officials from the imperial salt factories.


   The church was located on the Odra River, about a kilometer north of Chobienia. It was originally a typical 13th-century Silesian parish building with a rectangular nave, measuring 12.1 x 11.5 meters, enlarged in the 14th century by a narrower and probably lower chancel, also built on a rectangular plan. In the 16th century, a massive rectangular tower transforming into an octagon, was added to the axis of the west facade. The nave was strengthened with buttresses and crowned with a gable roof, while the tower was covered with a pyramidal helmet.

Current state

   Only the foundations and ground floor fragments of the walls have survived from the original church. It were added to the tower in the 16th century. Fully early modern elements are: the chancel ended on three sides and the sacristy adjacent to the nave and two chapels. Inside, a historic baptismal font from 1587 and tombstones from the 16th century have been preserved. Epitaphs and tombstones from the end of the 16th century are embedded in the outer walls of the church.

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