Chobienia – castle


   The first mention of the stronghold come from 1209 and 1238. It probably refer to the hillfort, which earth ramparts are still visible today. A brick, defensive structure in the late gothic style was erected around the middle of the 15th century, although the first brick buildings could have been built in the fourteenth century. The construction of the renaissance mansion began on the initiative of the then owner Georg von Kottwitz around 1530 and it lasted in stages up to 1630. The building was also rebuilt in the eighteenth century and in 1905. As a result of second world war, in 1945 the building was devastated and since then has remained in a state of progressing ruin.


   Originally, it was probably a regular castle surrounded by a moat. It survived within the walls of the north-west wing of today’s building. In the 16th century, the castle was rebuilt into a four-wing, renaissance residence. It has defensive features thanks to three corner towers and a gatehouse in the west wing.

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